5 reason you are NOT seeing hair growth results

1. You are using the wrong products

You may have fallen victim to marketing gimmicks. The ingredient list of your hair growth products is crucial to hair growth success.

Many products on the market are loaded with cheap mineral oils and sub part ingredients which do not stimulate hair growth.

2. Incorrect information - Hair growth is two-fold.

1. Emergence from the scalp
2. Length retention


Whilst focus should be on the scalp, extra care must be given to the length of your hair. The right hair growth regimen should focus on products and a routine that enable both to thrive.

3. Your scalp pores are clogged

If your scalp pores are clogged and you have significant product build up there's no way for product to correctly absorb. You are simply overloading your hair and scalp.

4. Unhealthy hair habits

Without the right healthy hair habits your efforts could go to waste. Cultivating the right habits along with the appropriate products can expedite your results. Healthy hair habits such as tension free styling, correct cleansing methods, moisture retention practices are key.

5. You're using the wrong benchmark

Your hair journey is unique to you and should be compared with someone else's. This is particular evident when individuals with tighter curl patterns compare their growth with looser curl patterns. Shrinkage may not allow you to see just how far you have come.

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  • Authored by

    Eve M