Embrace Your Curls: Let's start at the birthplace of it all

Scalp is the birth place of hair. If kept in proper condition, it will provide an optimal environment for the follicles to produce quality hair.

Let's start with the basics:

  • The scalp is made up of 5 layers
  • Works to maintain skin moisture levels and acts as a barrier that defends the body from foreign irritation.
  • Top layer (epidermis aka skin) is ~ 50 cells thick and is the layer we encounter and work with on a daily basis.
The scalp like any other part of the skin needs to be able to breathe.
Just as pores on the face can become clogged, hair follicles can also experience obstruction. You may be thinking but my scalp gets dry I need to apply some product or I want my hair to grow so I need to stimulate it with growth oils and massages right?

You are correct!....However..

Scalp dryness is an issue many people face. Although your scalp releases natural oil (sebum). Sebum production rates are controlled by hormones and therefore fluctuate over time.

Did you know women of some ethnicities, specifically women of colour genetically have a slower rate of sebum production?

For those that product normal amounts of sebum. the natural bends and kinks that with textured hair prevent it from spreading easily through the hair.

The proper way to hydrate the scalp and stimulate natural sebum is through frequent cleansing of the scalp and use of water based scalp serums if need in between wash days.
  • Authored by

    Eve M