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Deep Follicle Treatment by Healthy Hair Studio by Enitan

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Deep Follicle treatment is a potent ayurvedic treatment formulated to deliver root stimulating herbs to the follicles carried by cannabis sativa seed oil obtained by cold pressing the seeds of cannabis sativa. This treatment helps to improve the health of the connecting tissue that surrounds the root of the hair. If you are experience any form of hair loss or spot balding this treatment delivers on its claims. 

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Cannabis sativa Seed Oil, Panax ginseng, Centella asiatica, Bacopa monnieri, Eclipta prostrata, Rosmarinus officinalis and Red thyme
For thinning spots - Massage directly but carefully on the thinning areas or hairline/crown daily every two days.
To stimulate entire scalp - Massage lightly and slowly mid week and the night before your wash day as a therapeutic approach to increase the levels of oxygen to widen the follicles which leads to better quality hair growth.
Enitan of the Healthy Hair Studio favours science and healthy hair practices. She advises a minimum can of 6 weeks for substantial results when using the treatment whilst maintaining healthy hair practices for sustained growth.

Size: 3.5 fl oz, 100ml

3.5 fl oz, 100ml
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Healthy Hair Studio by Enitan

Healthy Hair Studio by Enitan was founded by Enitan Agidee who boasts years of experience as a trichologist and hair educator.
Healthy Hair Studio by Enitan is a natural, holistic hair care brand centered around maintaining healthy textured hair.
Each product has been carefully crafted and scientifically proven to support, maintain and promote growth of natural-textured hair.

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