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Protein Defence Treatment by Healthy Hair Studio by Enitan

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Case studies have shown that hair strands are degraded by a number of factors such as sunlight so now imagine what your self inflicted actions would have caused also. Why do you need to know this because your hair is keratin.

Protein defence is a pure and concentrated protein hair treatment designed to build back into your hair what it was originally created and structured to have. This will lead to breakage-resistant hair without causing stiff hair side effects. ALL hair textures and types need a build up in keratin levels as part of an effective hair regimen.

Protein treatments should be incorporated into your regimen every 4 - 6 weeks dependent on your hair porosity. Safe to use on adults and children. Be sure to follow the labelled instructions for optimal results.

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INCI Hydrolyzed Protein
In a wooden bowl mix 3 parts conditioner (instant or deep conditioner) to 1 part Protein Defence. Ensure both products are well mixed.
Apply to the hair shaft, let it sit for 20 mins and rinse with cool water. For extra conditioning benefits, use heat.

Size: 7 fl oz, 200ml

7 fl oz, 200ml
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Healthy Hair Studio by Enitan

Healthy Hair Studio by Enitan was founded by Enitan Agidee who boasts years of experience as a trichologist and hair educator.
Healthy Hair Studio by Enitan is a natural, holistic hair care brand centered around maintaining healthy textured hair.
Each product has been carefully crafted and scientifically proven to support, maintain and promote growth of natural-textured hair.

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