At Emerson Hair & Beauty we are committed to providing you with the best of textured haircare products from around the globe. Not only are we passionate about the quality of the brands and products we offer, we are committed to providing you with the knowledge and understanding required to get the best out of your products.

Quality Products + Hair Education = Visible Results!!

  • If you require a 1:1 consultation, please proceed to book a personalised 1:1 E-consultation session with our textured hair experts who will:

  • Provide you with an understanding of the basic building blocks for a healthy hair regimen;

  • Discuss and form an assessment of your hair's health;

  • Develop a personalised hair regimen along with appropriate product recommendations; and

  • Provide ongoing support throughout your haircare journey with a 15-20 min follow up call after 4-6 weeks.


To support you on your haircare journey, we run a number of events throughout the year - our flagship event being the Emerson Masterclass.

The Emerson Masterclass is specially curated to educate you in a fun and practical manner.

We offer:

  • A detailed deep dive into specific hair topics or concerns;

  • An opportunity for Q&A in an intimate setting;

  • Goodie bags with samples of our best selling and exclusive haircare products; and

  • An opportunity to meet other textured hair beauties. Check back here to view details of our next Masterclass

"It is always a pleasure ordering my hair products from Emerson hair and beauty. Everything from the customer service to quality of products is amazing. The best part is the packaging which always comes smelling fabulous!"


January 09 2024

"Emerson never miss a trick. I’ve ordered via them twice over the course of a year and my most recent order will have me spending my money locally, not via the big brand websites. Their attention to customer service and hair advice is invaluable. I approached Emerson a year ago in despair with my lack lustre waves that once were curls. They took the time to recommend washing and styling methods as well as targeted products, which helped revive my hair. I was pleasantly surprised with my most recent order, not only with the products but their attention to detail with the personalised note and freebie really put a smile on my face."


May 19 2022

"I am so glad I came across Emerson Hair & Beauty. I have never had a bad experience with them. They are prompt to respond, provide amazing service, original hair products and a lot of personalized advice with regards to products and hair care."

Victoria Olowoyeye

July 28 2021